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Moving Appliances Has Never Been Easier

Your appliances are not just things; they’re investments. Our moving experts follow rigorous safety protocols to secure your appliances during transit, minimizing the risk of bumps, bruises, or scratches.

We’ve got you covered, from refrigerators and washing machines to ovens and more! We use cutting-edge equipment and specialized tools to ensure safe and secure transport for your appliances.


AMS appliance service includes refrigerator and freezer relocation. For the best experience, unplug, defrost, and clean the appliances a few days before our arrival. That way, we can completely focus on their relocation without delays caused by the refrigerator or freezer still working.



We don’t care about the model or type of dishwasher—we move them all! But don’t forget to empty and unplug the dishwasher before our arrival so we can securely pack it and relocate it the moment we arrive at your home.

Washer & Dryer

We move both top- and front-load washers and dryers as long as they are empty, clean, and unplugged the moment we get them. That way, we can start packing and securing them before loading them into our moving truck.

Other Appliances

The appliance moving service in our offer includes all the gadgets you have in your home. The only thing that matters is that they are all empty, clean, and unplugged when we come, so we can securely pack them and move them where you desire.





Ice Maker

Ice Box


Air Conditioner


Need Trusted appliance movers for hire?

When it comes to moving your appliances, safety is crucial for both your valuable belongings and yourself. Our trained movers prioritize this safety, adhering to best practices that secure your appliances during transit.

Cost-Effective & Time Efficient

Peace Of Mind Without Heavy Lifting

Safety Of Belongings & Injury Avoidance

service includes

Reliable appliance moving service In Little Rock

Our team is equipped to manage appliances of various sizes, from heavy and large to small and delicate ones that need gentle hands. Thanks to the specialized tools we use during the move, which ensure precise handling, each one is safe in our hands.

Moving appliances requires expertise, and our team is trained in specialized handling techniques. We ensure your appliances are loaded onto our trucks securely.

If you need temporary storage before, during, or after your move, our secure facilities are equipped to keep your appliances safe and protected.

Moving any type of appliance refrigerator, washer, dryer…

Disassembly and assembly for safe transportation.

Secure packing and unpacking service.

The process of loading and unloading of your possessions.

The fleet of branded trucks for transportation purposes.

Short or long-term storage solution for your items.



Most Reliable appliance movers – your safety Comes first

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. Our top-notch equipment, adaptable solutions, and prioritization of safety ensure that your relocation is more than just a routine process – it’s a customized and effortless journey.

100% licensed and insured

Owned and operated by locals

Fair prices without hidden fees

We operate 7 days a week

Trained team with proper equipment and trucks

Discounts for veterans and church organizations


Low Cost, high quality appliance Movers In Little Rock


We believe in transparent pricing and providing value for your money. Our competitive rates ensure that you get top-notch service without breaking the bank.

We calculate the price based on factors like the number of items, specific services, as well as the distance of your move. For an accurate estimate, fill out our survey and enjoy a complimentary quote.


Common Q&A For Our appliance moving service

Can you move all types of appliances?

Yes, our skilled team is trained to move a wide range of appliances, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, and more. You name the appliance and we will move it wherever you want.

Are there any appliances you don’t move?

While we can handle a wide variety of appliances, there may be restrictions on certain items due to safety or legal reasons. It’s best to discuss the specifics of your move with our team to ensure we can accommodate all your needs.

Do I need to prepare my appliances before the move?

To ensure a smooth move, it is a good idea to remove any fragile or valuable items from appliances and communicate specific instructions to our team about the layout of your home.

How do you ensure the safety of my appliances during the move?

Our movers follow best practices to secure them during transit. We use specialized equipment, proper packing techniques, and a safety-first approach to minimize the risk of damage.

Can you disassemble and reassemble appliances if needed?

Yes, our team knows how to disassemble and reassemble appliances if needed, including plugging them.

Do you offer appliance storage solutions?

Yes, we provide short-term and long-term storage solutions for appliances. Our facilities are equipped to handle appliance storage, keeping them safe and dry for as long as you need.

Does your company possess complete licensing and insurance coverage?

Yes, we do. You can check them out under license number: BL2022-03811, coverage liability: NAIC 39012

Can you move appliances upstairs or down stairs?

Yes, our team is experienced in navigating stairs and handling appliances on stairs if there aren’t elevators. We use special moving tools and equipment in those situations.

Do you offer help with setting up appliances in the new location?

Yes, we offer additional services, including setting up most appliances in the new location. However, please disclose the need for these specific services in advance and we will let you know whether our service covers that specific appliance.


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I am a moving and delivery specialist and have been in the industry for two years. I enjoy coordinating and managing the daily operations of AMS as well as serving the people and community of local Arkansans.


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Our licensed and insured moving company is verified and approved on more than 100 online platforms. If you want to check our documentation, feel free to do it under license number: BL2022-03811, and coverage liability: NAIC 39012.


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Little Rock in Arkansas is our main moving area and our headquarters. But, it is not the only area we serve. If you want to see where we operate, check out the list of areas where we provide moving services:


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